Welcome to Gallimaufry Words

Thanks for choosing to play our entertaining and educational game!

“The English language is the most universal language in history, way more than the Latin of Julius Caesar. It’s the most punderful language because its vocabulary has a certain critical mass that makes a lingo good for punning.”  Richard Lederer

Gallimaufry Words runs on any iOS device that has iOS 10.3 and upwards. It will run on the smallest (iPhone 5s and SE) up to the largest (iPad Pro 12.9) and those in between (iPhone X, XSMax, 8 Plus, iPad 6 and more). Please see the Screenshots blog for more images.

Gallimaufry Words running on a wide range of iOS devices and showing various stages of the game play. Also see images of the game running on an iPad further down

Gallimaufry Words is an entertaining and educational word puzzle game. It is a hybrid of a crosswords-like game and a words-jumble game. It will entertain and educate by enhancing the player’s vocabulary and spelling skills. A fun quiet game for stimulating the brain and passing the time fruitfully.

Please watch the instructional videos explaining the game’s rules and how to play as well as strategies for solving the puzzle. Also, see the Rules of the game blog for more details.

An iPhone SE running the instructions video

An added enjoyment can be derived from the game’s option to share the current puzzle with friends and family, who may not be able to play the game on their devices, by sending them an image of the puzzle that includes the hints and the solution for them to be able to check their results. Please see the Sharing with friends blog for more details.

The sharing menu on an iPhone 6

The game is great fun to play with friends and family on various occasions (e.g. Halloween). It has 5 occasional categories (plus two more of Easy and All) where the clues for the words reflect the occasion providing an additional level of help to solve the puzzle as well as an enjoyable way to invoke memories of the occasion’s cultural themes and ideas.

The categories selection menu

Also available on the App Store is Gallimaufry Words Lite the free version which is the same as the full version but with only 49 words.