Screenshots of the game in play

Here are some screenshots of Gallimaufry Words in action (Also watch the instructional videos for more visuals of the game in action. Also visit the blogs page for extensive written instructions and hints for better tactics for solving the puzzle.):

Ongoing game on iPhone X in portrait mode

Showing the sharing option on an iPhone SE in portrait mode

Showing the categories selection menu running on an iPhone 6 in landscape mode

Showing the game’s menu and the sharing button running on an iPhone SE in landscape mode

Showing the successfully solved game animation running on an iPad 6th Generation in portrait mode

Showing the split screen mode of the iPad 6th Gen running Gallimaufry Words side by side with the Safari Browser which has already been started by the game with a search for the clue given in the game (see bottom of the game screen).

Also available on the App Store is Gallimaufry Words Lite the free version which is the same as the full version but with only 49 words.

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