Two cheats/hints

The game provides two cheats/hints that you can resort to when you hit a snag and just cannot proceed further. Please also see the Rules of the game blog and watch the instructional videos.

  • The game allows you to search the web (google search) for the hint that is displayed in the hints-label. If you double tap on the hints-label the game will send the word (or phrase) in the label to the Safari browser to initiate a google search for that phrase or word. The Safari browser will then take over the screen (see caveat below for iPads) and you can see what the search result has provided or you can use the browser to do deeper searches. When finished you can press the top-left-corner of the browser screen (says Gallimuafry) to go back to the game (Figure 1).
Figure 1: Press here to return to the game
  • For iPads you can place the browser in a split screen next to the game and continue looking at the browser while playing the game. This can be very helpful. Also if you do this, the browser will display the new search whenever the game tells it to do a new search but remains in the split screen without taking over the entire screen. See Figure 2 below.
Figure 2: Browser search in iPads can be in a split screen
  • In Figure 2, notice that the player went to another site to search for the clue and has found the word ‘sought’ for the given clue of ‘endeavored’ which is 6 letters and seems to fit the available letters in the letters grid in the right slots in the words grid.
  • The other ‘cheat/hint’ is that the game will allow you to reveal any of the letters in the words grid. You can do this by double taping anywhere on the right side of the words-grid and then tapping on the slot for which you wish to reveal the letter. If you double tap on the right but take more than 2 seconds to tap inside the words-grid, the action will be canceled. When you reveal a letter in a slot any letter that was already there will be replaced back in the letters-grid (if it is the incorrect one) and the correct letter will be taken from the letters-grid and placed in that slot and that letter becomes grayed.
  • If the current puzzle proves to be too difficult, please do not waste time on it. You can always go to the menu screen and select the ‘Solve The Game’ button and then go back and see the solution. Or you can just ignore it and select the ‘New Game‘ button. Or you can select a new category by pressing the ‘Select Words Category’ button, which will start a new game with a different (perhaps the ‘Easy’) category.
Figure 3: Game’s menu screen

Also available on the App Store is Gallimaufry Words Lite the free version which is the same as the full version but with only 49 words.

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