Sharing the game with friends

Gallimaufry Words can also be a lot of fun to play on paper like any of the puzzles you find in magazines and puzzle books and newspapers. Alternatively, you can also play it on a tablet or Computer as a static image on which you can draw just as if it were paper using the mouse or a tablet’s pen.

The game provides a sharing button that can be found at the bottom-right-side of the Menu Screen.

Figure 1: See the sharing button on the bottom right side of the above screenshot

This will enable you to share various games (or many copies of the same game) to print on paper with family and friends in a gathering as an alternative to board games. The people in the gathering can then share in trying to solve the one puzzle or can each solve their individual puzzles and compete as to who will finish theirs first.

Another alternative is to email or text the image to a friend so as to enjoy the puzzle even though they do not even have an iOS device or the game app. You can also save the image to your Photos app (the first time you do this the system will ask you for your permission to do so). Another option is to save the image to your Notes app to perhaps keep a record of some of the words you might wish to keep to expand your vocabulary.

Figure 2: The available sharing options on an iPad 6th gen

When you click the sharing button the game will generate a picture of the game in its current state of completion. So if you have a brandnew game the image will have a new game, but if you have a partially completed game then the image will reflect that state of partial completion (or fully completed).

In addition to the image of the game’s screen exactly as it currently is, the game will add the list of the 6 words’ hints. Since the image is a static image with no user interaction the player who wishes to continue playing the game on paper or on another computer system as a static image, will need the hints for the 6 words.

Figure 3: The image of the game that will be shared. Notice the words’ hints list. Also notice that the words’ category is also displayed.

The game will additionally display the solutions to the puzzle on the bottom left side of the image. To make it hard to involuntarily see the solution while playing the static game, the solution is:

  • printed in small faint font
  • printed upside down
  • all the solution words are joined together without spaces
Figure 4: Notice the solution in the shared image of the game.

Here is an example of a game that was played on a static image on a tablet using it’s pen to play the game as if it were a paper game.

Figure 5: A shared game being played using a pen

Of course when playing the game on paper or as a static image there will not be any interactive user interface to give feed back to the player whether the words were completed successfully or not. Also if the player changes his/her mid as to the placement of letters then the player will have to do some rubbing out of the marks and inserted letter manually instead of the app doing all that for them automatically. Nevertheless, it can be quite fun to play the game on paper just like crosswords games or words jumble games and so forth.

If you like Gallimaufry Words please give it a rating on the app store. You can also press the star button on the bottom left corner of the menu screen (see Figure 1). This will allow you to give the game a star rating without having to go to the app store.

Figure 6: Pressing the Star will allow you to rate the app without going to the app store

Please watch the instructional videos for more.

Also available on the App Store is Gallimaufry Words Lite the free version which is the same as the full version but with only 49 words.

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